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When it comes to content marketing, you need to have the entire user experience mapped out: proper grammar, correct spelling, optimized anchor text, outbound link variety, and of course engaging content. Don't let anything be an afterthought - get it right the first time with high-quality content that speaks directly to your audience.

That's where I come in - hello!

With over half a decade of experience in marketing at both agencies as well as e-commerce businesses, I have unique insight into what makes your customers and readers tick. Peruse some of my writing samples below to get a sense of how I can take your content to the next level.

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Why should you work with me?


I could tell you how reliable I am, or how amazing it is to work with me. But who better than to tell you than the people that I've already worked with?


Monique Pouget

worked with beth at: thunderactive

I worked with Beth for upwards of two years, and it was an absolute pleasure to have her on my team. When she first interviewed for Thunder, we knew the role wasn't a great fit for her incredible content background, but she came back a year later to apply for the Content Manager position and totally rocked it! Yes, her writing skills are amazing, but my favorite thing about Beth was her genuine interest in procedures and project management. She was instrumental in setting up a content program that streamlined a ton of moving parts, and this made everything 100% more efficient for our Content Marketing department. Additionally, we all called her the Basecamp Queen, a title she deserved and owned throughout her time at Thunder. 

Beyond Beth's content expertise, working with her is extremely rewarding. There was nothing she couldn't do when it came to tackling projects or managing a team of writers, and I could always count on her to submit her best work. I enjoyed watching her grow professionally and personally at Thunder, and I'm quite sure she will rule the world in less than 5 years. If you have the opportunity to work with Beth, do yourself a favor and make it happen!

Leanna Kelly

worked with beth at: thunderactive

Beth is the most talented and organized content manager I've worked with. 

When a spur of the moment issue arises, Beth's already thought of 15 different ways we can handle it - and has narrowed it down to the two best. 

Not only is she capable, inventive, and organized, she's an incredible communicator, both internally and with clients. You'll always receive a well-thought-out, honest answer when you need one (and she'll probably make you laugh out loud while she's delivering it). 

As a manager, she has a keen understanding of what those under her management needed to thrive and take ownership of their roles. She takes the time to listen and carefully explain complex topics, and inspires everyone around her to strive for personal and professional growth. She's truly an asset to whatever organization she's involved in, and working under her leadership is a dream!


Georgia Daubert

worked with beth at: thunderactive

Beth is the epitome of perfection when it comes to Content Marketing. When she joined the team at ThunderActive, it took our content to a whole new level of excellence. Her attention to detail, creativity, and perfectionism when it comes to spelling, punctuation, and grammar are essential in this industry. She is also an excellent leader, as well as a team player. You will not only learn from Beth, but you will have fun working with her.

Cynthia Griffith


I have had the pleasure of writing under the editorial supervision of Beth for several years and for multiple different clients. She is, by far, my favorite editor. If you’re seeking a truly talented author with a knack for proofreading and a way with words, clients and writers alike, you couldn’t ask for a better assistant. She excels in all things related to blogging. From on-page SEO to social media outreach, from client image to consistently producing compelling content, Beth is capable of turning any idea into a finished, marketable project. I highly recommend her as an author, editor, social media representative or all of the above.

Candace Plourd

worked with beth at:

Greenbox art + culture

I had the distinct pleasure of working with Beth, while I was Director of Sales at Oopsy daisy, Fine Art for Kids. Beth is the kind of team player every manager hopes for, but rarely gets. She has initiative, creativity, resourcefulness, and will never quit trying to accomplish the goal at hand. Beth has the unusual ability to take on any position and be successful in it and always will.

Michel Goldstein

Worked with beth at:

Senova seating

Beth is very smart and a hard worker. Most important, she has a great attitude and is a pleasure to work with.

Starr Pagharion


influx brands

I only worked with Beth briefly, but I remember being immediately struck by her organizational skills, attention to detail and the emphasis she put on the importance of process. Managing content is no easy task, but Beth made it look effortless. She had no shortage of ideas to improve the process and workflow of our small content team and was always open to feedback, which made working with her a real pleasure and learning experience.